I Miss the Mud


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1. Good Morning

Good morning, good morning, it’s time to wake up.
The sun, without warning, said, “I’ve had enough.
It’s time for some daylight, it’s been dark too much”.
Good morning, good morning, it’s time to wake up.

The rooster is crowing, “cock-a-doodle-do!”
Which means, “let’s get going, the day is brand new”
So put on your shirt, your pants, socks, and shoes
Good morning, good morning, good morning to you.

Maybe I’ll make us some muffins and marmalade
Get on our bikes and ride to the park
A little bit later we’ll drinks lots of lemonade
Well stay and we’ll play till day turns to dark

Sleeping’s so snuggly so safe and so sweet
I get so comfy in blankets and sheets
But when it’s gets sunny, I’m up on my feet.
Good morning, good morning to you and to me

Good morning, good morning, it’s time to wake up

2. Chasin’ After Chickens

When I was a little boy livin’ on the farm

My brother and me we were playin’ in the barn
Then we checked out the chicken house to check up on the hens
They were all alone, felt sorry for them.

So we picked up a few and we put ‘em in a cage
Took ‘em in the house I was about your age.
My mother took a look, she was cookin’ in the kitchen
Said, “What a ya got?” “Well, we got a lotta chickens!”

She said, ‘No no boys, don’t ya know?”,

Chickens don’t belong here, ya gotta let em’ go.”
We listened to her so we let ‘em out
Then chickens were runnin’ everywhere around the house.

And we started chasin’ after chicka chicka chickens

I heard one cackle in the cupboard in the hall.
But the fact was I wasn’t that tall
I tried to reach her but instead
Chicken laid an egg right on my head.

Another got stuck underneath the couch.
She said, “Cluck!”, which I think means “ouch”.
Another tried to hide in a great disguise.
Walkin’ around with a jacket and tie.


We couldn’t catch ‘em all and we had to let ‘em be.
So they became a part of our family.

No longer was I my parent’s youngest
Little chicken sisters livin’ amongst us.

They wear the clothes I used to fit in.
Sometimes I gotta do the baby sittin’
“Please play with us”, they start to nag
and so we play a little bit of chicken tag.


3. Walk Like a Dinosaur

I’m gonna walk like a dinosaur
all across the kitchen floor,
Goin’ back and goin’ forth
and then I’ll walk some more like a dinosaur.

I’m gonna walk to the kitchen sink
’cause dinosaur needs a drink
and then it’s time, I really think
to walk some more like a dinosaur.

Time to go to bed for the dinosaur
so he rests his head and he starts to snore.

Birds are calling it’s time to wake up
so he makes some coffee and he has a cup.

And he walks some more like a dinosaur.

What am I gonna do today?
Maybe go outside and play?

But mama says it’s gonna rain
so I’ll just stay in and ply my violin.

Gonna have some fun, gonna play my drums

And then I’ll walk some more like a dinosaur.

4. I Love ‘U’

I love ‘U’, it’s my favorite letter
Some folks think the others are better

Like ABC, but not me
I love ‘U’

I love two, it’s my favorite number
Some folks like one of the others
Like maybe three, but not me,
I love two

Blue is the color I love the best
I’ve heard that others like some of the rest

Like red or yella, but not this fella
I love blue

Tell you why: It’s the color of the sly
When you and I play outside
Yeah me and you swim a sea of blue
I love what we do, I like to be with you
I love blue

I love you, no, not the letter

But Y-O-U is a little bit better
And me and you
Make a pretty good two
And I love you

I love you, two, blue
Yes I do

5. Goldielocks

Oh the mama, papa, baby bear took a walk

Went a fishin’ caught a big one had a picnic on a rock
Then the mama, papa, baby bear came home
Saw their broken bear chair and said “We’re not alone”

“Goldielocks! Is with us again.
Goldielocks! Must have let herself in
Goldielocks! Has been here again
Goldielocks! Which room are you in?”

They checked into the kitchen. She was not there.

But the cookies were missing. She didn’t even share!
She probably got sleepy lay down her head.
Wanna bet we’re gonna catch her in the mama bear bed?

“Goldielocks! Are you takin’ a rest?
Goldielocks! Well that is my guess.
Goldielocks! You can be such a pest
Goldielocks! You made such a mess.”

The little girl was curled up al snuggly asleep

She woke up with a jolt and she jumped up to her feet
Went to climb out the window, didn’t wanna get caught
Then the mama, papa, bear bear said “Stop!”

“Goldielocks! Don’t run away.
Goldielocks! It’s really OK.
Goldielocks! It’s a beautiful day
Goldielocks! We’d like you to stay

She said “I’m so sorry that I was so rude

I’ll clean up the mess I have made
I’ll fix up the furniture and buy you more food.
But I’d really like to stay. I’m glad that’s that’s OK.”

Together they help her fix everything up
Then she got a lot of bitty baby bear hugs
Then the mama, papa, baby bear took a walk
Went a fishin’ and with them they brought Goldielocks

“Goldielocks! Is with us again.

Goldielocks! Is a fittin’ right in.
Goldielocks! We got a new friend
Goldielocks! And that is the end.”

6. I Miss the Mud

On a farm in a pigpen, lived a little pig.
Playin’ in the mud was all that he did.
He had mud from his feet to his tail to his nose.
It’s a good thing little pigs don’t wear clothes.

He drank muddy water and he ate muddy food.
The more the mud the better the mood.
Out loud he said, “I really love this mud!”
and then he gave himself a muddy muddy hug.

One day he snuck in the farmer’s house,
sat right down on the farmer’s couch,
found the TV remote control
and started to watch the Muppet Show.

Until Miss Piggy, he’d never seen
a pig so pretty and a pig so clean,
He said “Like her, I’m gonna be a star,
make big pig money, drive a big pig car.”

Oh piggy piggy piggy packed his suitcase,
filled it up with mud
and then he took it and he bought a ticket
on the New York bus.

He took a bath, he bought new clothes,
combed his hair and he shined his nose.
Not anymore was he a slob.
On a TV show he got a job.

Every day he did the weather,
no one else could do it better.
Suddenly he was a star,
made big pig money, drove a big pig car.

He shopped a lot at “Pigs R Us”,
buying toys and other stuff.
He learned to eat with a knife and fork
and he ate everything except for pork.

But every night when he came home,
he was sad he was alone.
He said “I really hate it here”
and he started to cry big piggy tears.

Oh piggy piggy piggy picked up the phone,
said “Ma, I need a hug.
I miss you and Pa but most of all,
I miss the mud.

I miss the mud, I miss the mud, I miss the mud, I miss the mud.
I miss the mud, I miss the mud, I miss the mud, I miss the mud.
I miss the mud, I miss the mud. I miss the mud, I miss the mud.
Don’t wanna be clean, ’cause
I miss the mud, I miss the mud, I miss the mud, I miss the mud.”

7. Baby Beethoven

I know a kid, he’s only two, that’s all
Like very kid, a bit unusual
But you won’t believe till your eyes have seen
The way he tickles those ivories

He’s just a kid you gotta understand

Can’t have a name like the piano man
Only one way to know him:
B-B-B-Baby Beethoven

B-B-B-Baby Beethoven
He’s a rockin’ and rollin’
Come and look at him go, man
B-B-B-Baby Beethoven

You gotta see it’s the cutest

When baby’s readin’ the music
Gotta know what the tune is
Don’t want to play it too soon

And when he’s finally got it
He takes a sip from his bottle
Then he plays that sonata
You know the one about the m-m-m-moon

B-B-B-Baby Beethoven

He’s a rockin’ and rollin’
My kind of showman
B-B-B-Baby Beethoven

Sometimes he likes to play the blues
‘Cause baby’s paid his share his dues
like gettin’ teeth and turnin’ two
He thinks he’ll never learn to talk

He throws a fit, throws his food,

But in a bit, another mood
He’s feelin’ hip, he’s feelin’ loose
And then he really starts to rock


8. I Love My Mom

I love my mom, I love my mom
I miss her so whenever she’s gone
‘Cause I love, I love my mom

School is fun but when I’m done
I think of home and there I run
and you know how come?
I love my mom.

She can be crabby,
she can be a grouch.
And when she’s mad at me
my feelings go “Ouch!”

And sometimes I do stuff that’s wrong
but she’s not mad for very long,
I like her a lot.
I love my mom.

I said to Fred, my pet, a pup,
“Say hey Fred, who do you love?”
He said, “I love, I love my mom”.
I checked with the chickens,

“Hey what’s up?”
they said to me, “Cluck, cluck, cluck”,
which means, “I love, I love my mom”.

She gets up early, lets me sleep.
She’s always worried about what I eat.
When I’m sick, she takes good care,
she’s like a great big teddy bear.

I like her a lot.

I love my mom.

9. Little Blue Bug

I had a pet, a little blue bug
When we met, he was stuck in a rug
I gave him help, I got a little bug hug
Oh little blue little blue little blue bug

My parents said, “Get rid of that bug!

If you want a pet, we’ll get you a pup”.
But they didn’t get how much I loved,
My little blue little blue little blue bug

Oh my little blue bug was bright and shiny
Eyes were big and red
Upon my arm, he liked to climb and
Sit on top my head.

He’d sit up there, he’d sip his tea,

He had this little bug mug
And in my hair, he’d fall asleep
And I would cover him up

Oh little blue little blue little blue bug

Little blue bug had a cowboy hat
He’d climb right up on the back of the cat
And say, “Giddee up!”
And the kitty did scat.

Oh little blue little blue little blue bug

Little blue bug had a blue snow suit
Mittens, ear muffs and blue snow boots
He felt so snug but he could not move
Oh little blue little blue little blue bug

Now the little blue buggy was my best little buddy
And we like to play this game

Whatever I’d do he’d do it too
So we were both the same

So if I said, “Oh little blue bug”
And fluttered my eyelids
He would say “Oh little blue bug”
And do just what I did

So now I’d like to play with you
Whatever I do you do it too

Oh little blue little blue little blue bug

10. I’ll Watch Over You

I’ll watch over you while you sleep
I’ll watch over you, I will keep
You warm and safe
Until you wake to see
That I watched over you like no other
I watched over you like my mother watched over me

She’d tuck me into bed, hug me tight
Read me a story, turn out the light
And there she sat
and like a cat I purred
And she watched over me like no other
She watched over me like her mother watched over her

Someday baby, way too soon
You’ll rock a cradle and sing this tune

And without a thought
You’ll know just what to do
You’ll watch over her like no other
You’ll watch over her like your mother
Watches over you.

11. The Unusual Zoo

If I had my way, I tell ya what I’d do:
Every Saturday, I’d go to the zoo.

I know a zoo, it’s my favorite,
The animals there are just the craziest.
It’s the uh uh uh uh uh uh unusual zoo.

The got a silly elephant, thinks he’s a chimpanzee
And with his trunk, he’s swingin’ from a tree.
Oh I hope that branch never breaks
Because if it does, we’ll get a big earthquake
At the uh uh uh uh uh uh unusual zoo.

When I saw the duck, I had to way “WOW!”
Let me tell you what, she thinks she’s a cow
I said to the cow, “What do you think of that?”,
She replied, “Quack, quack quack!”
At the uh uh uh uh uh uh unusual zoo.

They used to have a zebra
Ran so fast, they could not keep her.
Now somewhere there a zebra that’s white,

’cause when she left, she forgot her stripes.

They got a really silly fish, I don’t know where they got here,
Let me tell you this, she doesn’t like the water
I said “There’s your tank, why don’t you go in?”
She said, “No thanks, I can’t swim.”
It’s the uh uh uh uh uh uh unusual zoo.

They have a flock of birds, but they don’t fly
I have heard, here’s the reason why

“flying is just too hard for us,
so when we travel, we take the bus.”
It’s the uh uh uh uh uh uh unusual zoo.

12. Without You

One summer day when you were four,
you looked into my eyes
And asked if you were never born
what would the world be like?
Without you, without you

No laughter and no lullabies,
I’d never know my name,
No sun or moon but otherwise
Pretty much the same
Without you, without you.

The alphabet would be so upset
Letters left without a clue.
I’d try for days to form a phrase

But the one word would be “blue”.

My doctor would check me over
And take my temperature
And say my heart is broken
And there’ll never be cure
Without you, without you

I’d listen to the radio just to check the weather
And hear the man sayin’, “Oh it’s gonna rain forever”,

Without you, without you.

The birds would sigh, forget to fly
And cry into their wings
But you’d return and again they’d learn
To sail the sky and sing.

I love laughter, I love lullabies,
I love everything I got
I love the love that’s in your eyes,

I love that I am not
Without you, without you

13. Twinkle, Twinkle

When I was young, afraid of sleep,
My father’d come and carry me
And underneath a million stars
I’d fall asleep in his arms

And by the light of the moon
He would sway and sings this tune.

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
You’re up above the world so high
You’re like a diamond in the sky.

Twinke twinkle little star.

I grew up, I said goodbye
To loving arms and lullabies
But I kept within my heart
The twinkle of that little star.

And it was always there to see
And Id feel my father carry me


What you are little star,
I no longer wonder.
From above, you’re the love
of every father, mother

Hold your children beneath the stars,
Soon they won’t fit in your arms
One day a child will say to them,

“Sing about that star again”

And by the light of the moon
You will say and sing this tune