For purchases:
All of my albums can be purchased directly from me through their respective pages on the right, or you can see all of my CDs and purchase them through

For performances:
Dennis Caraher
21 Belmont Av.
Northampton, MA 01060
(413) 584-8560

Dennis can tailor his performances to suit your needs. For larger fund-raising events, he plays with a back-up band with percussion, bass, mandolin and guitar. He also does very intimate settings with just him and his guitar. Although Dennis writes all of his own music, he sprinkles his show with gems that everyone knows. He also does a show as “Cowboy Caraher” where he sings songs of the old West.

Whether it’s for a birthday party, a library reading room or an auditorium, the entire audience will have a very enjoyable and fun experience.

Workshops: Dennis also conducts workshops on song-writing. Either individually or with groups.

Dennis has played libraries, schools and parenting centers throughout Massachusetts and Iowa (his two homes).

For references, you may contact Karen Dunham at the Groton Public Libary in Groton, Massachusetts (978-448-1167 ); Cindy Bright (children’s librarian at Belchertown, Ma) – (413-323-6065 ); Gretchen Ellison of Worthington, Ma. (Leisure Services); Pam Clark, Children’s Rights Activist in Northampton, Ma. 413-320-6166 ; Amy Pybus, daycare provider and columnist on Parenting issues for The Daily Hampshire Gazette (413-529-9322 ).