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I Miss the Mud has been awarded the 2009 Parents’ Choice Gold Medal!

“Singer/songwriter Dennis Caraher (“Dog Bone Town,” “Bow Wow Baby”) delivers smiles with quirky humor and sunny charisma, wrapped in an agile musicality that embraces folk, country, old-time rock ‘n roll and a cappella vocals. Inventive percussion and a kids’ chorus complement a cautionary tale about a pig who hits the big time but yearns for his muddy origins. The a capella charmer, “Little Blue Bug,” begins with a little bug stuck in a rug (“I gave him help, I got a little bug hug”) and turns into a participatory, repeat-after-me romp. Caraher’s inventive, individual voice works equally well in quieter songs that include the yearning “Without You” and an exquisite variation of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” (“It was always there to see when I’d feel my father carry me.”) Among other singers taking the spotlight are a young girl, Emma Henderson, who performs a heartfelt tribute to mothers (“I Love My Mom”), and adult artist Jill Connolly, whose lullaby-soft “I’ll Watch Over You” is accompanied by guitarist Joe Belmont, one of many sterling musicians here..” – Lynne Heffley, Parents’ Choice

Dog Bone Town has been awarded the 2002 Parents’ Choice Silver Medal!

“Singer/songwriter Dennis Caraher gives his funny and thoughtful songs an ear-pleasing, confiding tone, matched by the carefully crafted simplicity of his folk, country and rock rhythms. He shifts effortlessly from the wackiness of a tall zoo tale (“The Elephant Played Electric Guitar”) and “Life Is So Confusing”(“Went into the attic to wash my clothes, put ‘em in the oven, but they froze”) to the lovely, heartstring-tugging title track about a little dog who was a boy’s closest companion until the day she “went to play in Dog Bone Town”-dog heaven. Caraher’s a capella tale about a little boy who won’t stop crying, despite the efforts of all the grownups around draws listeners in-a teddy bear holds the key to a smile, and “Time To Go To Bed,” a parent-and-child tug-of-war that will undoubtedly resonate, is as charming as all get out, with Caraher’s daughter singing the child’s beguiling point of view. Kids take over with feeling in “Let It Go,” too, singing to their peers about what to do with anger and other emotional upheavals; they also add bounce with Caraher in “So Long, See Ya Later,” the album’s toe-tapping farewell.” – Lynne Heffley, Parents’ Choice

Dennis Caraher’s songs have been heard on “All things Considered” on NPR.

“A brilliant songwriter” – Boston Globe

“Dennis’s songs are unbelievably catchy” – Terre Roche of “The Roches”

“Dennis is not working up to his full potential” – his second-grade teacher

“He doesn’t clean up his room” – his mother